Manufacturers announce another price hike for woodfree uncoated paper in Germany

5 May 2017

A second price wave was launched for May or June on Germany's woodfree uncoated paper market. Some market players cite continued good demand while others do not think demand is strong enough to support another hike.

Prices of woodfree uncoated paper in Germany are poised to rise again from May or June. According to industry sources, practically all producers have now informed their customers about a new price hike.

There are mixed views on the likelihood of a successful implementation. While some EUWID respondents expect the second price step to be realised quickly in light of continued strong demand, others point out that shipments had weakened again somewhat recently and the "hype" seen at the beginning of the year was gone. In some cases, customers have high inventory levels and now no longer have to put up with delayed shipments or exorbitant delivery times of eight weeks or more for additional volumes.