KPA Unicon and Olvi Oyj sign a contract of biomass-fired steam boiler plant delivery

9 October 2017

Olvi Oyj and KPA Unicon Oy have signed a contract of a biomass-fired steam boiler plant delivery to Iisalmi, Filnand. The output of the new Unicon Biograte boiler plant will be 4.5 MWth. The boiler plant will utilize local wood-processing by-products, mainly bark, sawdust and chips, as the company says in the press release received by Lesprom Network.

Steam and heat generated by the plant will be used for the production processes of Olvi’s brewery in Iisalmi. The new plant will be handed over to the customer in January 2018.

The delivery will be carried out on a turnkey basis, including also a service contract that guarantees the provision of the responsible energy solution based on KPA Unicon values enabling use of domestic renewable fuel with high efficiency and usability.

The new energy generation unit will be manufactured at KPA Unicon's workshop in Kiuruvesi. The plant will be delivered to the site in pre-fabricated modules ensuring a high level of factory readiness and quality. The contract includes also KPA Unicon`s PlantSys system for remote control of the plant with the possibility of using modern mobile applications. The boiler plant is equipped with Unicon Condenser scrubber, which cleans flue gases very accurately and utilizes waste heat from flue gases.