Kadant Solutions Introduces Ultimate Blade Line for High-Performance Doctoring

14 July 2017

Kadant Solutions, a division of Kadant Inc., announced the launch of its Ultimate Blade Line featuring nanotechnology-enhanced composite doctor blades. The proprietary doctor blade line incorporates nanotechnology-enhanced resins which are manipulated on a molecular scale to provide a composite resin matrix with increased resistance to chipping, improved inter-laminar bonding, and a lower coefficient of friction compared to conventional blades.

According to Mohan Jayaraman, technical manager for doctor blades, “The Ultimate Blade Line provides the papermaker with application-specific materials to enhance roll surface cleaning, sheet shedding, and significantly extend overall doctor blade life compared to conventional blades. The high-performance doctor blades result in fewer blade changes and the potential for reduced operating costs while enhancing overall doctoring and machine efficiency.”

Kadant Solutions, based in Auburn, Massachusetts, is a leading supplier of doctor blades, doctor blade holders, and doctoring systems for papermaking and other industrial processes. The Company’s cleaning and conditioning products are applied to the cleaning of forming and press fabrics and the filtration of process water as well as engineered wet-end products for papermaking.


Source: kadant.com