Italy reports softer recycled containerboard prices in January

Wednesday, Feb 03, 2016

Price for recycled corrugated case material have been showing signs of weakness since the turn of the year. Market players in Italy are pointing to small price cuts for deliveries in January.

Animated discussions are in progress about prices on Italy’s recycled corrugated case material market at the start of the new year. However, EUWID sources are divided about the price dip seen in January. While one side reported sporadic price cuts that did not apply throughout the market yet, the other side mentioned a clear slump in prices for brown grades that had started back in December and would likely continue in the weeks ahead.

Market players active in the recycled containerboard and corrugated packaging business were largely pleased with how business had fared in January. The market had come out of "hibernation" relatively late – some converters opened their doors only on 11 January - but demand along the entire value chain picked up fast and order situation for packaging paper was strong, it is said.

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