Italian coreboard prices up in the second quarter

5 July 2017

Coreboard prices in Italy have increased in the second quarter and might rise further in the coming months. Suppliers report strong demand on the domestic and in export markets.

For Italy's coreboard market, the second quarter ushered in the end of a price round that started in March and the start of a fresh round of negotiations. Coreboard prices edged higher amidst rising recovered paper prices and good demand, and plans to implement another price hike were already afoot at the end of the quarter.

Suppliers mentioned significantly higher recovered paper prices as one of the reasons why coreboard had become more expensive. The fact that the price increase for coreboard was lasting and was not revoked is not least a consequence of very good demand. At the end of June, coreboard producers were reporting full order books and lengthy lead times. Buyers confirmed that lead times were long.

Coreboard manufacturers are already planning another round of price increases against this backdrop which might be implemented in several stages over the coming months.