Iggesund Paperboard sets up sheeting and warehousing capability in Taiwan

Tuesday, Jul 21, 2015

Iggesund Paperboard establishes new sheeting and warehousing capability in Taiwan, as the company says in the press release received by Lesprom Network.

“We continuously evolve along customers’ needs and with it, we have set up sheeting and warehousing capability in Taiwan –this will be operationally ready by end July 2015. This channel will strive to enhance on Invercote’s availability in the Asian market and will help Iggesund and our customers in gaining new businesses,” explains Ivan Chong, Business Area Director G&P, Asia Pacific.

“Invercote is a niche product aimed at customers who place high demands on appearance and function and who want the end result to attract attention on the retail shelf and encourage purchase,” comments Arvid Sundblad, Vice President Sales and Marketing, in charge of global sales.

“Unlike basically all SBB paperboard made in Asia, Invercote has a multi-layer construction, which means it does not crack along the creases. This is a huge advantage, supported, of course, by Invercote’s strong environmental and economic sustainability properties.”

Iggesund’s enhanced service in Asia is part of its efforts to become more global by strengthening its delivery service outside Europe. It is also recruiting staff to reinforce its sales efforts. The company has also launched a broader service concept to inform its customers of the many resources and support functions available to them.

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