Rama Pulp & Papers Ltd. is engaged in the manufacture

Tuesday, Jan 07, 2014
Rama Pulp & Papers Ltd. is engaged in the manufacture, trade, and export of paper products in India and internationally. The company offers a range of papers, such as writing and printing papers for offset printing/note book manufacturers; ledger papers for record keeping and non judicial stationery purposes; envelope papers in various colors; absorbent kraft papers for lamination grade; and kraft papers. It also provides carbonizing base papers; MG posters for pencil carbon base and No-O2 base papers; white MG tissues for industrial packaging, gift wrap, napkin, and fruit packaging; high tensile krafts for automobile/instruments and bearing wrapping; kraft and posters for lamination grades; thermal papers for interleaving purpose in textile industries; MG posters for food grade papers for ultraviolet rays protection; and acid/alkali resistance poster papers. Rama Pulp & Papers Ltd. was founded in 1980 and is based in Mumbai, India.