Hokuetsu Kishu Paper acquired Alpac Forest Products Incorporated

Wednesday, Oct 28, 2015

Hokuetsu Kishu Paper Company Limited has acquires Alpac Forest Products Incorporated from Mitsubishi Corporation and Oji Holdings Corporation. The purchase includes Alberta-Pacific Forest Industries (Al-Pac) pulp and woodlands operations based in Boyle, Alberta together with Alpac Pulp Sales Inc. located in Vancouver, British Columbia, as the company said in the press release received by Lesprom Network.

The Tokyo-based company is the second largest fine paper manufacturing company in Japan. Products mainly include printing and specialty paper products and paperboard.

“We are pleased to have Al-Pac be part of our company’s growing network of global companies”, said Sekio Kishimoto, Hokuetsu President and CEO. “Al-Pac’s reputation as a trusted producer of high quality hardwood pulp, environmental leadership in all facets of its operations along with a highly skilled and dedicated people is highly valued within our organization.”

The company announced its new Senior Leadership Team led by Sam Terao President and CEO. Sam will be supported in his role by Dale Bencharsky Executive Vice President, Chief Operating Officer and CFO.

Al-Pac operates the newest pulp mill in North America producing 650,000 tonnes of hardwood and softwood pulp annually from its 6.5 million hectare forest management area.

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