GS Group opens Sudoma sawmill in Pskov region, Russia

Thursday, Nov 26, 2015

GS Group opens Sudoma sawmill in Dedovichi, Pskov region, Russia. The plant specialization – production of environmentally friendly wood building materials – is unique for Russia. The general investor the GS Group holding company invested over 1.842 billion rubles ($28.3 million) into the project, as the company said in the press release received by Lesprom Network.

The Sudoma sawmill manufactures high-quality finish materials: thermo-treated and impregnated timber and profiled goods. The total capacity of the sawmill will reach 61,000 cubic metres of wood products annually. Around 40% of manufactured wooden materials will be delivered to the Russian market, the rest of the products will be exported.

The plant is tooled up with a camera for wood impregnation and three cameras, providing the thermo treatment of the material. Sudoma is the only production in Russia applying the special French technology of heating the timber to 230° C. The sawmill is fitted with modern drying chambers and the trolleys that can significantly reduce the time of loading and unloading the ready-made products.

The Sudoma sawmill is the key enterprise of the unique Dedovichi production facility complex for deep wood processing, which is developed by GS Group in the Pskov region. The forestry division provides Sudoma with the raw material – spruce, pine, aspen and birch are used for processing. Hardwood is the major material, which ensures less damage to the regional forest resources. In addition, the complex also includes a forest nursery that provides reforestation and replacement of deciduous trees by coniferous that are more valuable. After choosing the innovative technology of wood waste utilization, the mill will get the unique closed cycle production.

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