German RCP prices jump higher on brisk demand and lower arisings

Tuesday, Jul 21, 2015

Mixed paper and board (1.02) and sorted graphic paper for deinking (1.11) are in short supply on the market in Germany.

The German recovered paper (RCP) market remains in motion in July. Prices are considerably higher again than last month across the whole range of grades. EUWID sources attribute this development to a number of factors: firstly, undiminished brisk demand from the Far East until the middle of the month and, secondly, the continuing brisk pace of sales to the domestic paper industry.

The brisk demand has been coinciding with decreasing recovered paper collection volumes. "Our intake has already fallen by 10-15 per cent in May and June,” a merchant told EUWID, and July, which is part of the holiday period in some German states, promises to be a month of low arisings.

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