GC folding boxboard producer seeking higher prices

Thursday, Sep 10, 2015

Demand for cartonboard is said to be steady to strong

After a longer period of stable prices on the GC board market, the first manufacturer has now informed customers about hikes of €65/t for deliveries as of 1 November. Suppliers say this step is “long overdue” since the market has been busy for weeks and delivery times are currently 5-9 weeks. As of the first week of September, this was the only official announcement and it remains to be seen whether more manufacturers will follow suit.

After two calmer weeks in August, which respondents attributed solely to the effect of summer holidays, the German market for GD and grey board has reportedly experienced a good start to September. In general, things are quieter than at the end of July, but board producers say they are ahead of last year in terms of volumes. After the most recent rise in recycled board prices, margins had also improved somewhat, but the increased recovered paper prices have already “eaten up” some of this gain, commented one EUWID respondent.

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