FITNIR Analyzers to supply online liquor and MC chip moisture analyzers for Fibria's pulp mill in Brazil

9 November 2018

ITNIR Analyzers Inc. announced that Fibria Celulose S/A selected FITNIR Online liquor analyzer and FITNIR MC chip moisture analyzer for its Aracruz pulp mill in Brazil.

As a part of its Industry 4.0 transformation, Fibria’s selection of FITNIR’s technology was based on the importance of accurate and relevant data in moving towards a new era in process control where online data availability is essential.

“FITNIR’s capability of measuring key properties including moisture, solids, lignin, and organic and inorganic solids, as well as the ability to expand to new measurements in the future, was an immense draw for us,” says Estevão Frigini Mai, R&D Scientist at Fibria. “With its high uptime, low maintenance potential and versatility, FITNIR’s technology can be reliably used for advanced process automation today as well as for future automated-cognitive processes to improve efficiencies, quality, and ultimately productivity and profits,” adds Mai.

Project delivery is expected to take place in mid-December 2018, with implementation and start-up in the 1Q 2019.

FITNIR is a leading global supplier of innovative FT-NIR online, benchtop, kappa and now, moisture content analyzers. Its reliable pulp and paper property measurements improve mill processes and reduce costs.