Fine paper manufacturers announce price increase

15 September 2017

Another price round has started for coated woodfree paper. Manufacturers are planning hikes as from October. Uncoated grades are to become more expensive as well, if they get their way.

Several fine paper manufacturers are planning to increase prices for woodfree papers. Both coated and uncoated grades are affected. The companies in questions cite a sharp rise in production costs, mainly for raw materials, as the reason for this approach.

Lecta has issued a statement saying it will increase prices for two-side coated woodfree paper in sheets and reels. The company is targeting an increase of 6-7%, to be implemented during the first weeks of October.

Sappi announced a prices hike for both its coated and uncoated woodfree papers in sheets and reels. As margins continue to be depressed by the cost inflation, the company sees itself forced to raise prices by 5-8% from October onwards.

Burgo's announcement for a price hike for uncoated woodfree paper was already made around two weeks ago. The price is planned to be raised by 5% in euro currency markets and by 7% in other currency markets for deliveries in the fourth quarter. Now, the company has also notified its customers that it intends to hike prices for its coated grades. Coated woodfree paper in sheets and reels is to cost 5-7% more from October.