Fedrigoni Verona paper mill back to limited production after fire

Wednesday, Jul 08, 2015

Fedrigoni's woodfree uncoated and specialty paper mill in Verona has resumed production and is producing at limited capacity.

Fedrigoni has restored limited production at the Verona paper mill after the 2 July fire. According to the company, only a limited part of the production premises was destroyed and 70% of mill's operations are up and running again.

Fedrigoni has not yet commented on the cause of the fire or the precise extent of the damage. However, it appears that the impact on the production may be more extensive than first believed. Shortly after the fire, the company assumed it would be able to resume full production within a few days. Now, however, it expects that the repairs and replacement of the damaged equipment could take as long as a month.

Other sites in the Fedrigoni group will reportedly increase output to make up for volumes lost and minimise potential consequences for customers.

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