Envelope paper prices in Germany partly up in Q2

Wednesday, Jul 29, 2015

Price hikes were a key issue on the German envelope paper market in the second quarter. Upward adjustments to prices of woodfree white grades have already found traction on the market while recycled paper prices remained stable.

Price hikes were the predominant topic in the white woodfree envelope paper segment in the second quarter. As a result of the significant rise in pulp prices, several manufacturers had announced hikes with effect from various dates in the second quarter. Suppliers and converters confirm that these hikes were implemented. The next round of price hikes is already in the offing. Several major suppliers have notified their customers of a mark-up with effect from 1 October.

Things are quieter in the recycled envelope paper and the shipping bag segments. Costs of raw materials have also increased but no price negotiations have taken place in the second quarter. The price range of grey recycled envelope paper therefore remained unchanged.

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