Econet to supply wastewater treatment machinery for Ilim Group’s mill in Koryazhma, Russia

20 February 2019

Econet Group and Ilim Group made a deal worth of Euro 2.5 million, which includes wastewater treatment machinery for the pulp and paper plant in Koryazhma, Russia, as the company says in the press release received by Lesprom Network.

Pulp and paper plant in Koryazhma has ordered clarifiers and sludge thickeners with sluice systems. The machinery will be delivered in six parts during the summer periods of 2019-2021. In addition to the manufacturing of the machinery, Econet is responsible for the supervision of the installment.

“We have delivered wastewater treatment machinery for Ilim Group for a long period of time, and this order is one of the largest so far. The deal tells about Econet’s position as a wastewater treatment plant technology expert, and it is significant to our factory Slamex in Lahti,” says the chairman of the board of Econet Matti Leppäniemi

The production director Heikki Viitanen tells that the clarifier technique requires demanding and special expertise.

“We have developed the machinery to last in demanding and arctic conditions. In the northern conditions, the temperature can vary from +25 celcius degrees to -45 celcius degrees of cold. The machinery is manufactured from acid-proof and stainless steel, so that they last in arctic and corrosive conditions. The largest clarifiers are installed in basins, which are over 40 meters in diameter. Therefore the clarifiers are delivered in modules, and they are assembled at the plant. This sets great demands on designing and manufacturing processes, too.”

Ilim Group is the leader of Russia's pulp and paper industry in terms of market share, production, and investment volumes, and one of the leading industry players in the world.