Domsjö Fabriker produced over 220,200 tons of cellulose in 2014

Thursday, Feb 26, 2015

The Biorefinery Domsjö Fabriker continues to break records in production. Throughout 2014 all three products – cellulose, lignin and bioethanol – have been produced in record quantities, as the company said in the press release received by Lesprom Network.

"It is gratifying that the investments made in production are starting to bear fruit," comments production manager Christin Norberg.

Several production records were broken during the year for the three products and now, when the year is summed up, it becomes apparent that a record was broken in annual production too.

In recent years production of cellulose has been just under 200,000 tons a year. Important investments and cost cutting measures have now resulted in higher availability in operations and fewer unscheduled stops. This has meant that in the end this year's production was over 220,200 tons.

"The successful production year ended very strongly in December when a new record was also set for daily production of cellulose, 833 tons, which was achieved on 26th December.

"When we have consistently high production, we also have a positive impact on the all-important cellulose quality. But the most important thing is safety," emphasises Christin Norberg, highlighting the work of the Safe Domsjö initiative, which was started during the course of the year to improve the work environment.

Production of bioethanol also reached record levels in 2014, at just over 16,000 tons. Ethanol production has shown a steady increase in recent years, and production has doubled since 2010. The same trend applies to lignin production, which increased by 33% compared with the previous year.

Cellulose is Domsjö's main product. It is mainly used for the textile viscose, which is an environment-friendly alternative to cotton and synthetic fibres.


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