Coreboard prices in Italy edge higher again in Q1

6 April 2018

Coreboard producers in Italy appear to have managed to detach discussions about coreboard prices from conversations about raw material prices and were mostly able to slightly raise prices again at the start of 2018.

Coreboard became more expensive again in Italy during the first quarter of this year, even though recovered paper prices have been in decline. Market players often quoted adjustments that were instituted sometimes in December, but in several cases in January. Some prices were also left untouched, depending on their previous level. No further price adjustments were made in February and March. On the whole, the overall prices level on the Italian coreboard market rose slightly.

Market players credited strong demand with this turn of events. This argument was apparently so convincing that the crash in recovered paper prices between January and March had not been able to thwart another rise in coreboard prices. Nevertheless, a couple of market players felt that the situation had eased a little from mid-February or March onwards.