Construction commences on Euro 59 million SmartPly facility in Kilkenny, Ireland

10 February 2015

Coillte Panel Products' SmartPly begins construction of a Euro 59 million upgrade at its facility in Belview, Kilkenny, Ireland. The Euro 59 million project, which includes the development of a new Coillte Panel Products Innovation Centre will create over 300 jobs during construction, and will secure the plant as one of the South East region’s biggest exporters, as the company said in the press release received by Lesprom Network.

SmartPly, a Coillte company, currently employs over 160 people directly at the Kilkenny plant and 250 indirectly in the wider area. The plant uses trees, harvested mainly in the Southern part of the country, to manufacture innovative and sustainable wood products used by building companies in flooring, building frames, roofing, and many other applications.

In 2014 SmartPly had total sales of approx 300,000 m3, of which over 90% represented products produced for export mainly through ports in the south east.

“This investment of Euro 59 million in our SmartPly manufacturing centre is part of a strategy to develop innovative new products and enable the company to increase sales in existing and new markets,” said Acting Coillte CEO Gerry Britchfield.


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