Clearwater Paper initiates to install $160 million chip pulp digester at Lewiston plant

Friday, Apr 24, 2015

Clearwater Paper is seeking a property tax break to help fund a $160 million chip pulp digester at their Lewiston plant.

Other news outlets report the Nez Perce County commissioners tentatively voted to move forward with a 75 percent abatement on the new property taxes the upgrade would incur. Commissioners will investigate further before giving the plan final approval.

Clearwater would save $4.2 million on property taxes in the five years the abatement would be in place, compared to the $3.36 million in annual property taxes paid for the Lewiston plant in 2014.

The new digester would replace decades-old equipment. It would not create any new jobs and a Clearwater spokesman said the company would not close the Lewiston plant if they put the digester elsewhere.

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