China wood-based panel production up by 7%

Friday, Jul 17, 2015

According to statistics from the State Forestry Administration the total output of China’s wood-based panel industries in 2014 was 273.72 million cubic metres, a year on year increase of 7%.

Of the total plywood output was 149.7 million cubic metres, up 9% over 2013 and accounting for 55% of all wood based panel output.

The output of fibreboard was reported at 64.63 million cubic metres, similar to the level in 2013 (24% of total output). The output of MDF was 56.83 million cubic metres. The output of particleboard (8% of total output) was 20.86 million cubic metres, up 11% over 2013. Of the output of other wood-based panels blockboard accounted for 62%.

The provinces with wood based panel output of more than 10 million cubic metres in 2014 were Shandong, Jiangsu, Guangxi, Anhui, He’nan, Hebei and Guangdong. The output of these 7 provinces came to 210.73 million cubic metres, around 75% total output.

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