Burgo plans packaging paper and board production at Avezzano and Duino mills

Friday, Mar 04, 2016

Burgo group's plans to enter production of packaging paper and board seem to be taking shape. The regional government of Abruzzo informs that at yesterday's meeting with political bodies and employee representatives Burgo has communicated its intention to enter board production starting with the mill in Avezzano. However, the final decision of the company's board of directors (BOD) is still pending and is expected by early April.

According to the regional government and trade union sources, Burgo plans to produce packaging paper and board at the mills in Avezzano and Duino and the conversion work would take at least a year. 

Avezzano mill could start production in March 2017 and Duino could follow in autumn, explained the vice-president of the Abruzzo regional government Giovanni Lolli, citing Burgo group representatives.

As already reported on different occasions in November 2015, Burgo is considering the conversion of the two idle paper machines, PM 2 in Duino and PM 2 in Avezzano to packaging paper and board production. 

However, it is still not clear what kind of product the company has in mind. While local media and authorities of the Abruzzo and Friuli-Venezia Giulia regions are talking about cartonboard production, some trade union representatives and industrial sources close to the company believe that Burgo will produce recycled containerboard at the sites in Avezzano and Duino.

Burgo, for its part, is still not ready to lift the veil on the industrial project. The company said that it did "not consider appropriate to release announcements on the potential conversion of the Avezzano mill at the moment."




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