Burgo Avezzano might be converted to board plant

Friday, Nov 06, 2015

There is a possible future for Burgo's idle Avezzano mill in Italy. The site's fine paper machine might be converted to produce board, according to plans of a potential investor.

The paper machine at Burgo's Avezzano mill in Italy, which has been idle for over a year, will possibly be recommissioned. The government of the Abruzzo region announced plans of Burgo and the Italian Lombardi group to form a new company (NewCo) in order to restart operations. Lombardi, which would hold the majority stake in the company, reportedly intends to convert the fine paper machine to produce board in the future. Media reports say that production might start in the autumn of next year.

In addition, the regional government reported that Burgo was planning to restart the mill's third sheeting line and therefore increase sheeting capacities.

The Avezzano mill has one PM with a capacity of 180,000 tpy of uncoated woodfree paper. The machine was closed down in July 2014 after Burgo had switched production from coated to uncoated fine paper only a few months earlier, at the end of 2013.

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