Brazilian wood-based product exports increased by 20% in December

10 February 2015

In December 2014, Brazilian exports of wood-based products (except pulp and paper) increased 20% in value compared to December 2013, from $219 million to $263 million, ITTO reported.

Pine sawnwood exports increased by 35.4% in value in December 2014 compared to December 2013, from $15.8 million to $21.4 million. In terms of volume exports rose 36%, from 66,800 cubic metres to 90,800 cubic metres over the same period.

Tropical sawnwood exports were up 39.7% in volume, from 27,200 cubic metres in December 2013 to 38,000 cubic metres in December 2014. In terms of value exports increased 30% from $17.3 million to $22.5 million, over the same period.

In December 2014 pine plywood exports increased 24% in value year on year from $35.3 million to $43.8 million. Export volumes increased 20%, to 117,400 cubic metres.

Brazil’s tropical plywood exports increased a massive 85% in volume but only from 3,400 cubic metres in December 2013 to 6,300 cubic metres in December 2014 however in terms of value tropical plywood exports increased by only 54.5% over the same period.

Wooden furniture exports continue to do well with December exports valued at $41.5 million a 6% increase.


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