Barcelona Cartonboard installed new Procemex web inspection system at its mill in Spain

25 April 2017

New Procemex Web Inspection System was installed and commissioned at Barcelona Cartonboard mill in Spain, as the company said in the press release received by Lesprom Network.

The mill had previous Procemex Web Monitoring System that was now added and enhanced with a Web Inspection System. This new equipment strengthens mill’s capacity to deliver high-quality board.

José Antonio Campo, Technical Director of Barcelona Carton, said: “Previously we have had many web breaks at our winder. Now we can see that they are caused by edge cracks on board machine and we can prevent the breaks. The next step will be to upgrade also our Web Monitoring System to HD cameras and new lights. Procemex Web Monitoring system can be upgraded and integrated easily to our Web Inspection System.”

Procemex develops, designs and delivers the fastest and the most accurate smart camera-based solutions for paper manufacturers and printers worldwide.