Auction date set for former Bucksport mill

Wednesday, Mar 11, 2015

Bucksport town officials said they received word an auction is set to place to sell some of the paper manufacturing equipment inside the former Verso Paper Mill.

The auction is expected to begin Tuesday, March 24 at the paper mill, according to, the website for the auction company. Some of the items listed on the website include generators, welders, roll grinders, hand tools, cranes and some trucks. All of the money will go to the company that bought the former mill, AIM.

Daivd Milan, the director of economic development in Bucksport, said the auction makes it a reality that the paper mill will never be what it once was.

"The cost it would take to replenish all this stuff that is going to be sold at this auction will probably be too cost prohibited to do, so I think once the auction has occurred, I think that'll be the final straw for any chance for the mill to be operating again as a paper mill," he said.

Milan said the town of Bucksport has been working with AIM Development on future plans for redeveloping and demolition of the mill.

If people are interested in some of the items for auction, there are some preview times: Thursday, March 19, Friday, March 20, and Monday, March 23.


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