A.Celli Paper to supply new rewinder for Dongguan Jintian Paper in China

10 December 2018

Within the end of 2018 A.Celli Paper will deliver a second high performance E-Wind® P100 rewinder to Dongguan Jintian Paper in China, as the company says in the press release received by Lesprom Network.

In 2017 A.Celli Paper started-up an E-WIND® P100 rewinder at the Sichuan Jintian Paper plant, for a project of 1.2 million-tons producing grey cardboard. The rewinder, which runs 5700 mm master reels, with a maximum design speed of 2400 mpm, has successfully passed the performance test, with full acceptance by the customer. At present the A.Celli E-WIND® P100 rewinder works at full capacity.

In 2018, the “sister” company Dongguan Jintian Paper called on A.Celli Paper to supply a second set of E-WIND® P100 rewinder identical to the one already present at the Sichuan plant; the delivery of the machinery is expected by the end of the year and in the 1Q 2019 it will be put into production.

The new line will increase the annual production capacity of Jintian by 300,000 tons/year, increasing also the presence of related products on the market.

Dongguan Jintian Paper Co. Ltd. mainly produces high quality grey cardboard. Jintian’s total production capacity exceeds one million tons per year.


Source: lesprom.com