Äänekoski pulp mill starting operation in mid-August

Monday, Jul 17, 2017

The pulp mill and biorefinery in Äänekoski, Finland, of the “Metsä Fibre” division of Metsä Group commences production operations in mid-August. The first volumes of pulp will be delivered at the beginning of September. This enabled Metsä Fibre to keep to the schedule for the mill geared to an annual output of 1.3m t of pulp, 800,000 t of soft and 500,000 t of hardwood pulp as well as tall oil, sulphuric acid, turpentine, and electricity.

When trial operation began in February, Metsä had specified the third quarter for the start of production and summer 2018 for full-load operation. When production begins at the new mill, Metsä Fibre will discontinue production at the existing pulp mill in Äänekoski.



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