A.Celli supplies new 2800-mm tissue PM with 12-ft steel Yankee to Mexico's Fábricas de Papel Potosí

Thursday, Jun 11, 2015

The new A.Celli 2800-mm tissue machine equipped with a 12-ft steel Yankee was recently shipped to San Luis Potosí (Mexico), where it will be housed in a new building completely reserved for it.

The plant represents a strategically important project, thanks to which the customer, Fábricas de Papel Potosí, aims at making a quality leap, attaining major and ambitious production milestones, in the quest to conquer its market.

This machine has a working speed of 1500 m/min and a production capacity of 80 tpd, and is conceived to answer the customer’s demands in order to guarantee an increase in production levels, assured by optimal performance and paper quality, with consequent improvement of the finished product.

Additionally, this equipment comes with latest-generation hoods specially designed by A.Celli’s technical staff, to enhance technical performance as well as the aesthetic features of this important component of tissue machines. These new innovative hoods, characterized by a modern design and by their aerodynamic shape, are designed to improve the performance of the entire production cycle.

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