A.Celli receives order for paper rewinder from Krishna Tissues, India

Friday, May 22, 2015

A.Celli Paper has recently received an order for a state-of-the-art winder from Krishna Tissues Pvt. Ltd., located in Kolkata, India.

The paper rewinder, model AC842, is the foundational element in a new project for the production of 80-320-gsm testliner products that the company is undertaking. At an operating speed of 2000 m/min and a 5.600-m format, this machine represents a further milestone for A.Celli because it is the first paper rewinder in India bought from a European supplier and is scheduled to be delivered by summer 2015.

This is another confirmation of this particular trend that generally characterizes the business market on an international level. Several operators are turning to top level partners in the quest for excellence and cutting-edge technology, continuing to place their trust also in our Country and in our capabilities. Expertise, technological preparedness, orientation toward research and development, safety standards and the quality of post-sales service are now more than ever becoming important elements choosing a supplier, and companies like A.Celli have an advantage in negotiations where the customer is looking for trust in their business relationship and a long-term relation that can make his or her company grow thanks to the most suitable choices.

Delivery of this new paper rewinder is scheduled for summer of this year. Once again, A.Celli Paper proved to be an expert, reliable and professional partner capable of walking side-by-side with the customer, building important relations. Together with Krishna Tissues, it developed a supply project that will allow the customer to attain important goals.

The Italian technological excellence of A.Celli Paper and its created-in-Italy design conquers the Country of the maharajas.

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