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Rossini s.p.a
Rossini s.p.a

High-precision fiberglass sleeve

In 1928, Erminio Rossini had a brilliant idea, and began producing the first inking rollers for printing presses.

Expansion after this invention led to Rossini’s first largescale production factory in Milan in 1954.

The company has grown constantly since the 1950’s, opening modern factories in Rescaldina (Milan - Company Headquarters), L’Aquila (Italy), Atlanta (USA), Barcelona (Spain), Sao Paulo (Brazil), Timisoara (Rumania) and a new factory in Pune (India), all linked by an efficient world-wide distribution system.

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Rossini s.p.a
Via De Gasperi, 5
20027 Rescaldina, Milano
Tel: +39 0331 472711
URL: www.rossini-spa.it

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