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Pneumatic Brakes, Tension Controllers, Load Cells & Webguiding Systems

Re Controlli Industriali
Re Controlli Industriali

Pneumatic Brakes

Re ControlliIndustriali has been designing and manufacturing laminate machining process automation equipment, principally for the converting, paper , corrugated board, cardboard, metal wire, rubber, plastic, textile and non-woven fabrics processing sectors since 1974. We are the world leader in the production of pneumatic brakes and tension controllers to maintain the right tension during the entire process; to complete our family products, a wide range of load cells, electromagnetic powder brakes, web guiding systems to align the web, web viewing systems to control printing, expanding shafts and mechanical chucks to handle the web and rotary joints to transfer fluids. Competence, quality and Italian design are at your disposal.

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Re Controlli Industriali
Via Firenze, 3
20060Bussero (MI)
Tel: +39 02 9524301
URL: www.re-spa.com

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