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Modular Conveyor System

Founded in 1989, Pulsar is based in Castel Maggiore near Bologna, and works in engineering, production and solutions for the handling, management and transport of materials in packaging, automation and tissue. Over time it has specialised in the latter. The expertise of Pulsar's staff provides support for clients as they define their project, starting from an analysis of the space, the machinery on the line and the products, in order to identify a rational factory layout which will be able to deliver the desired results, and is simple to operate. Long experience in this process allows control and management systems to be configured for maximum efficiency and operational functionality, and also uses analysis tools developed in-house. Construction of the installations is carried out with the greatest attention to detail, beginning with the base materials, selected to guarantee a long working life, moving through the design of components, which are built to the highest standards of performance and operational safety. Innovation in products and procedures is a constant for the company, allowing it to devise solutions to real shifts in the industry's needs, thus enabling clients to substantially increase the effective productivity of their lines and manage energy use intelligently.

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Via Marino Serenari 29
Castel Maggiore BO
Tel: +39 051 6323011
URL: www.pulsarbgroup.com

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