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Ocean Associate Co., Ltd

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Facial Tissue Interfolder, Automatic Dispenser Napkin Line & Automatic Multifold (z-fold) Hand Towel Line

Ocean Associate Co., Ltd
Ocean Associate Co., Ltd

Facial Tissue Interfolder

Established in 1981. We have been manufacturers and exporters of tissue paper converting machines in Taiwan for 33 years. The following are the tissue converting machines we are supplying: Facial Tissue Making Machine (Interfolder in Manual or Automatic Transfer Type), with optional point to point emboss roll and lamination unit.

1. Paper Napkin Making Machine (Napkin Folder in Vacuum or Mechanical type, single lane or multi-lane) with optional kraft paper bander.
2. V-Fold and Z-Fold Hand Towel Making Machine (Manual or Automatic Transfer Type), with steel to steel emboss rolls, steel to rubber emboss rolls with or without lamination, and with kraft paper bander and log saw.

We have exported more than 1000 machines to more than 30 countries, including the end-users in China, Hongocn_logo.jpg Kong, South East Asia, New Zealand, Australia, South Pacific, India, Pakistan, Mid-East, Egypt, Africa, Europe, U.S.A., Canada, Caribbean, Central and South America.

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