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Hintzen GmbH

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Pipeline And Plant Construction, Heat Exchanger, Tank And Apparatus, Special And Parts Of Structures, Design And Creation

Hintzen GmbH
Hintzen GmbH

Heat exchangers

Our company is a verified and approved by TÜV processors of high and niedrieglegierten steels and special materials for the production of plants in the equipment and pipeline construction. Selected staff, designers, and welding specialists involved in a Free and production area of 6,200 m² for the individual and certified production.

Our company is now a beyond its borders recognized specialist in the supply of chemical, petrochemical, food, water, wastewater, pulp and automotive industries.

Thus, the surname Hintzen GmbH stands for verifiable quality and excellent handmade in Germany.

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Hintzen GmbH
Neuss street 119-121
D-41363 Juechen
Tel: +49 2165 916210
URL: www.hintzen-gmbh.de

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