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Europac Group
Europac Group

Recycled Fibre Papers For Corrugating

The Europac Group (Papeles y Cartones de Europa, SA) is an integrated operator with activities in all areas of the paper and packaging industry value chain, from end-to-end waste management and forestry operations for the procurement of the raw materials necessary for the production of recycled paper and kraftliner at the Group’s plants in Spain, France and Portugal, to the manufacture of cardboard sheets and boxes as end products. The Company also has 153 MW of installed capacity, enough to generate the power required in the paper production process.

The Company started operations in Portugal in 2000. It now has three end-to-end waste management centres, 700 hectares of forest land, a manufacturing plant for kraftliner paper with its own power facility and five cardboard sheet and box production facilities there.

In 2008, the Europac Group entered the French market, where it is now one of the leading paper and packaging players. It has a recycled paper plant and five corrugated cardboard sheet and box manufacturing plants in France.

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Europac Group
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Tel: (+34) 91 490 21 60
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