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Manufacturer : Opto-Control Oy

Category : Process automation controls

Key Products : Line-Tec100®, Line-Tec® 200

Opto-Control Ltd is the pioneer in manufacturing and supplying optical solution to the global pulp and paper industry. The company initiated its operations with evaluating sheet break detectors, and later expanded its operations to designing an advanced tracking system for paper machine clothing. Concentrating on sheet break detection and fabric guiding issues, the company emerged as a high-quality system provider. Opto-Control introduced the glassfiber technology in the paper industry, while using it for producing LINE-TEC products.


The best-known solutions in LINE-TEC® product family are new type of optical sheet break detectors and non-contacting edge tracking systems for paper machine clothing. Besides manufacturing and sales, Opto provide services such as consulting, product training and commissioning and spare part sales. Trained and skilled network of agents around the world serve the company's clients worldwide. Dun & Bradstreet Finland has granted Opto-Control Ltd AAA credit rating in 2004.

Sheet Break Detector

Sheet Break Detector

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