Company : Zehntner GmbH Testing Instruments

Category : Test and Measurement

Key Products : Gloss Meters, Vacuum Plates and Profile Rod for Paper Industry 

Leaflet ZSA2110

At wire-bar applicators there is coiled a wire on a rod. Different wire diameters lead to different wet film thicknesses. At profile rods a profile is shaped directly into the rod. The wet film thicknesses depends on the profile size.

Leaflet ZIL2140

Defined and reproducible film thicknesses are the precondition for the testing and analysis of flexographic inks and other liquid coating materials.

Leaflet ZPV2030

The ideal, flat support for fixing a large number of objects. The vacuum created holds down objects during application by means of the holes.

Leaflet ZGM1120

The ZGM 1120 opens the gateway to a more efficient and productive quality control: the first gloss measuring sensor transmitting the measuring data directly to the PC/laptop via USB-interface.

Leaflet ZOL1150

ZOL 1150 Online-Glossmeter is based on the technology. Because of it's modular structure it can be delivered as individul parts or as a complete system specifically designed in accordance with the requirements of the customer.