Company : Universal Engineering Corporation

Category : Test and Measurement

Key Products : Paper and Pulp Testing Equipment, Packaging Testing Equipments, Environment Testing Instrument

Tensile Strength Tester (Uec-1005-E)

A fast, accurate and user friendly instrument for providing rapid and efficient determination of tensile 
strength, stretch, tensile energy absorption and tensile stiffness of paper and paperboard. The 
instrument is equipped with high friction clamps which prevents test pieces from slipping during 
measurements. The clamps provided in the equipment grip the test piece without damage, for accurate 
elongation measurements. The right clamp starts moving at a specified velocity and the built-in 
microcomputer registers and stores the values. After the test series is completed, a summary sheet 
giving the date and time, sample grammage, testing conditions and calculated data is brought out as a 

UEC-LABORATORY PULPING UNIT (Polyglycol Bath)_2017_a

Roughness of paper or similar material is defined as the volume of air that forced by a sepcified pressure 
difference escapes in unit time by passing between the surface of the specimen and flat metal ring 
resting on a specimen and excerting a definate pressure on it. 
A sample is placed on a perfect plane glass plate, measuring head on the test piece a controlled and 
small air pressure pass through a flat metal ring and the specimen. The pressure difference read off on 
selected rotameter tube. The Bendtsen Smoothness & Porosity Tester is used for determing the 
smoothness and porosity of paper, paperboard and similar material is based on air leak principal. 


For producing pulp from various fibrous material at a time under specified and control condition under 
pressure, temperature and time. Produces pulp in a manner similar to a commercial digester. It is easy 
to operate and features precise control of the pulping variables, to ensure good repeatability of results. 
For laboratory production of chemical pulp. Provided with six autoclaves rotating in a polyglycol bath , 
heating and thermostat control. 


A measured amount of pulp of specified consistency is beaten between a roll with bars and a smooth 
beater housing both rotating in the same direction but at different peripheral speeds. For processing 
pulp prior to formation of hand sheets, in order to determine the behavior of pulp when subject to 
definite beating schedule. The beating is a preliminary step in the preparation of test sheet for testing 
the physical properties of the pulp. 
Available in two versions: 
1. With Manual lifting of beater roll. 
2. With Automatic lifting of beater roll.


For producing the pulp sheet rapidly for physical strength tests. In comparison to the standard sheet 
former, this apparatus reduces the time factor, increases the output, improves the reproducibility, 
reduces the operator’s influence and fatigue without detriment to the final product. Selection of all 
functions are automatic / manual. With White Water Re-Circulation System, Pneumatic Sheet Press & 
Rapid Dryer mounted on base table complete with spares accessories as per specification enclosed. 
Suitable for sheet formation 165 mm diameter. The apparatus is equipped with central cabinet for 
automatic regulation of filling of water, air agitation settling, drainage. The couching pressure also be 
adjusted by pressure regulator & timer.