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Key Products : Paper and Pulp Testing Equipment, Packaging Testing Equipments, Environment Testing Instrument

Universal Engineering Corporation (UEC) emerged into the Pulp, Paper & Board industry as a fledgling company in 1970, but over due course of time, it has grown into a fortified collaborative group of designers, manufacturers and suppliers of Precision Testing Instruments. These instruments centre their focus on assessing the characteristic properties of pulp, paper and paper board for paper, conversion as well as allied industries.


UEC’s development has been pivotal within the realm of the Pulp, Paper & Board industry, due to which, today it is deemed as a globally renowned organisation with its resonance felt in both domestic as well as export markets.



Dedicatedly adhering to the Total Quality Management principles, UEC heeds a continuous review and improvement on the basis of operational excellence cited by clients and production companies. The firm also makes it a point to stay au courant with the latest industrial trends across all nations. As a consequence of this core value, UEC has been felicitated with international recognition for its quality systems through securing of ISO-9001. In addition to this, the firm also has the pertinent pre-emptive maintenance and calibration services to support the industry in meeting their future requirements.



The organisation has an extensive and well-equipped infrastructure which allows innovative methods of design, manufacture, testing and calibration of all instruments delivering to the pulp and paper industry. It is also endowed with advanced technology which enables the firm to undertake similar type of instrumentation, applicable to other industrial verticals.



The facilities consist of all the requisite operations to facilitate processes from concept to commissioning which also entails intensive calibration within the company’s in-house laboratory which is endowed with sophisticated as well as standard calibrated instruments / equipments adhering to the National and International Test Norms.



The unit boasts of accomplished and experienced workforce, delivering to the contemporary needs and prospective opportunities. UEC designers, development engineers, production engineers as well as marketing and field service personnel are driven by a common goal, which is to upgrade and ameliorate the design, production and testing technology in order to perpetually maintain and improve the quality of UEC’s products.



Client satisfaction is not just an objective but a conviction for UEC. That’s why the company affords quality assurance to its customers through the diligent employment of quality assurance systems.



Apart from these operational services, the organisation possesses a well-charted growth plan to expand its focus to multifarious other areas of operations, thereby proving to be an indispensable alliance for some of the world’s most renowned international companies.

Impact Tester & Packaging Testing Equipment


Packaging testing Equipments refer the instruments that are applied in measuring the properties of the boxes or containers used in packing. Packaging testing equipments measure the properties like ability, resistance power, durability, adhesion etc. UEC specialized in the production of packaging testing equipments. Its packaging testing equipments are prepared with high quality raw material and thus are durable. It provides packaging testing equipments as per clients’ specifications. It offers different types of packaging testing equipments. Impact tester, automatic drop tester, package shaker, concura medium flutter, carton board creaser, box compression tester, puncture resistance tester, core compression tester etc are few types of UEC’s packaging testing equipments. It provides packaging testing equipments at competitive rates.


Paper and Pulp Testing Equipment


Paper and Pulp Testing Equipment refers to the utilization of specialized instruments including sensors, cob testers, instruments and test equipment to evaluate material properties and process ability features of paper and pulp. Paper and pulp testing equipments evaluate paper and pulp properties like consistency, freeness, contaminant analysis, porosity, softness, smoothness, fiber analysis, water absorption, wet ability and wear or abrasion. Paper and pulp testing equipment are available in wide varieties. UEC leads in manufacturing paper and pulp testing equipment. It provides paper and pulp testing equipments as per international standards. Its expert team design paper and pulp testing equipments as per the industry requirements and clients’ specifications. Wet web strength, beating & freeness tester, Canadian freeness tester, consistency determination, hand sheet former, sheet press, pulp disintegrator, rapid sheet dryer, lab mechanical crusher, rotary digester, research digester etc are few paper and pulp testing equipments. UEC offers paper and pulp testing equipments at reasonable prices.


Environment Testing Instrument


Environment Testing Instrument refers to the equipment that are used in determining moisture and temperature of pulp, paper and paperboard etc. UEC is a leader in providing environment testing instruments. Its environment testing instruments are designed as per industry requirements and customers’ specification. It provides wide range of environment testing instruments. Laboratory oven, muffle furnace, environmental chamber and incubator are categories of environment testing instruments offered by UEC. Its environment testing instruments are of high quality and thus motivate clients to choose them for their requirements. Environment testing instruments are available at lowest rates.


Physical Testing and Laboratory Instruments


Physical Testing and Laboratory Instruments refers to the equipment that are used in measuring physical properties of paper, pulp, film, foil, coating, nonwovens, plastic, rubber, textile, adhesives, ceramics, metals etc. Physical testing and laboratory instruments measure around 50 properties including friction, compression, tensile strength, internal bond, adhesion, abrasion, softness and thickness. UEC leads in the production of physical testing and laboratory instruments. Its physical testing and laboratory instruments are available in wide range that includes quadrant scale, electronic grammage, circular cutter, thickness micrometer, tensile tester, strip cutter, folding endurance tester, tear resistance tester, etc. Physical testing and laboratory instruments are available at economic prices.


Paper Testing Equipments


Paper Testing Equipments are instruments that are used in accurate testing of paper, board, painted, electroplated surfaces, plastic coated materials, lacquered etc. UEC is the perfect source for paper testing equipments. It provides paper testing equipments to its clients as per their specifications. Its paper testing equipments are available in different types. Lab air knife coater, bar coater or K coater, paper testing waxes, printable testers, lab calendars are few types of paper testing equipments of UEC. Its paper testing equipments are designed as per international standards. Its paper testing equipments are known for their quality, accuracy and durability. Paper testing equipments are available at reasonable prices.

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