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Key Products : RMEye – Manual Sampling, LabEye – Sample Collector

Folla Cell first to invest in PulpEye in Norway

Folla Cell first to invest in PulpEye in Norway

Folla Cell is the first mill in Norway to invest in a complete PulpEye online analyser. The equipment will be used for the final quality control of the CTMP pulp grades on-line.

MMK Folla Cell AS in Follafoss north of Trondheim has a capacity of 130,000 tonnes per annum of softwood BCTMP and CTMP pulps. The mill is since middle of 2013 part of Mayr Melnhof Karton and the pulp production is sold within the Group as well as to external customers.

The PulpEye unit is equipped to measure brightness, shives, CSF, fibre length, dots, pH as well as crill and is used online for process monitoring and classification of the pulps produced. Data collection is done at four sampling points in the process line.

“This project has been done in good cooperation with the customer and I am pleased that we have added yet another country to the list of countries using  PulpEye,” says Öjvind Sundvall, MD PulpEye. “The fact that they have bought PulpEye will be very beneficial to their product quality and process efficiency as they will produce pulp on the set targets.”

PulpEye at Zellcheming 2014

PulpEye at Zellcheming 2014

As usual, PulpEye exhibits at the ZELLCHEMING-Expo, this year held on June 24-26 in Frankfurt am Main, Germany. Like previous years we share stand with FRANK PTI and the stand is B67 in Hall 11.

At the ZELLCHEMING-Expo 2014 the European pulp and paper industry comes together under the heading item ”Fibres in Process”. This theme
also describes what our customers can do with the PulpEye analyser, i.e. continuously monitor the fibres in their own process and by the Extracteye module get their pulps on set targets.

This year we will show our latest development with “PulpOnTarget” and discuss any questions related to our PulpEye analyser and the set of modules that can be included. Let’s meet in stand B67 Hall 11!

[Swedish] Roland Bäck anställs som utvecklingskonsult

[Swedish] Roland Bäck anställs som utvecklingskonsult

PulpEye har från den 15 maj anställt Roland Bäck som utvecklingskonsult med uppgift att vidareutveckla användningen av PulpEye och dess olika moduler. Han har en gedigen erfarenhet av utveckling och tillverkning av mekanisk massa.

Roland Bäck har sedan 1984 arbetat med utvecklingsfrågor inom mekanisk massatillverkning inom SCA-koncernen, först hos Sunds Defibrator och sedan 1988 på SCA R&D.

– Det ska bli mycket intressant att få jobba på leverantörssidan igen, säger Roland Bäck. Jag har samlat på mig en hel del erfarenhet och kunskap inom området, inte minst för att jag haft förmånen att arbeta med gurus på området som professor Hans Höglund och andra läromästare. Jag tar också med mig ett brett kontaktnät inom branschen.

– Jag är övertygad om att det här kommer att ge mervärde till hela gänget och ge PulpEye ännu bättre möjligheter att hjälpa våra kunder ett steg till, kommenterar Öjvind Sundvall. Hans kunskap och kontakter kommer att vara mycket värdefulla för våra kunder. Vi levererar inte bara hårdvara utan med den följer också en kompetens som vi ställer till våra kunders förfogande.

Roland Bäck nås enklast via

Mobil: 070 522 30 74 eller email:

Successful participation at Asia Paper 2014

Successful participation at Asia Paper 2014

PulpEye participated at Asia Paper 2014 fair in cooperation with Elof Hansson, our representative in Asia. A number of interested visitors from Asian pulp and paper companies were introduced to the PulpEye analyzer equipment as well as the DDA analyzer.

“We were busy in the stand presenting our PulpEye analyzer with modules as well as showing the possibilities to improved quality and process control in pulp and paper mills,” says Öjvind Sundvall. “As we now have local representation by Elof Hansson, it made a lot of sense to participate in the fair meeting potential customers, as well customers we already are in contact with.”

Waggeryd Cell first to put in CrillEye

The first mill installation of CrillEye, developed in cooperation between PulpEye and the Swedish research institute Innventia, has been installed and is successfully running at Waggeryd Cell in Sweden. Important pulp strength properties can now be predicted online, which contributes to a stable pulp quality, quicker grade changes and reduces man-hours for lab tests.

Waggeryd Cell is a privately owned producer of bleached softwood CTMP with an annual capacity of 175,000 tonnes. The production line has three-stage refining, peroxide bleaching and ends with a flash dryer.

The crill measurement is based on comparison of two optically measured surface areas (light absorption). The total area of fibres and crill is measured with UV. The total area of fibres only is measured with IR. The “crill variable”, KFP, is a concentration independent ratio, obtained when the fibre+crill area (UV) is divided by the fibre only area (IR). No image analysis is required, making the measurements extremely fast.

“In reality this means that tear, tensile, burst index, Scott Bond and density can be calculated by this technology,” says Öjvind Sundvall, MD PulpEye AB. “As the CrillEye measurements are online, new calculations can be provided every five to fifteen minutes and less man-hour are required for doing these tests manually in the laboratory. Laboratory tests are only needed for calibrating the CrillEye equipment.”

“We measure crill on all our pulp types and by combining crill data with fibre data, PulpEye provides us with the necessary strength properties online”, says Mikael Nylander, Mill Manager at Waggeryd Cell. “This gives us quicker grade change, which is important as we have a great number of qualities and each quality is unique to each customer. Thanks to CrillEye on-line measurement we are able to run closer to our targets, which mean energy savings.

“We now have a faster and more accurate quality follow-up and the pulp quality to the customer is defined from PulpEye”, Ulf Karlsson, President at Waggeryd Cell AB adds. “Needless to say, we are very happy with this investment”.

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CrillEye 1: Waggeryd Cell has the first installation of CrillEye
CrillEye 2: CrillEye was developed in cooperation between Swedish Innventia and PulpEye.


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Ulf Karlsson, President, Waggeryd Cell,
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Michael Nylander Mill Manager, Waggeryd Cell
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Peter Hansen, Innventia
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PulpEye AB is an innovative measurement technology company, focusing on online applications and services for the pulp and paper industry globally. Main products are the PulpEye pulp analyzer and the ScanChip chip analyzer. Head office is in Örnsköldsvik, Sweden. Offices are in Örnsköldsvik, Friedrichshafen, Ottawa and Vancouver, Sundsvall and Västerås.