Company : PCE Instruments

Category : Test and Measurement

Key Products : Gloss Meters, Affordable color meters, moisture measurement solutions

Technical Stroboscope PCE-LES 200

LED stroboscope / IP65 (waterproof and dustproof) / aluminium housing / light and compact / high flash frequency: max. 300,000 flashes per minute / excellent shock protection

The LED Handheld Stroboscope PCE-LES 200 is one of the most powerful in its class with up to 300,000 flashes per minute. The quartz driver of the LED handheld stroboscope provides very accurate flashes. The light intensity of this LED handheld stroboscope is far superior to other LED handheld stroboscope models. This LED handheld stroboscope has succeeded in achieving the goals of "maximum light performance and "surface of uniform illumination". This has been achieved thanks to powerful LEDs last generation and smart electronic control. The LED handheld stroboscope is a versatile instrument for visualisation of very fast movements.

Technical Moisture Meter PCE-MWM 300

Online measurement of moisture/density during the industrial production process of wood composite panels (i.e. PB, MDF, OSB) or pellets and wood chips is of fundamental importance in order to ensure that processes run as efficiently as possible, energy consumption is kept low and raw material losses are minimized.

In comparison to conventionally employed humidity sensors the use of a microwave moisture meter provides much higher consistency and product quality levels while reducing operating and maintenance costs at the same time. When the meter is connected to a controller or a process control system the operator has the ability to react to measurement results in real time.

Technical Specification Industrial scale PCE-CS 10000N

Electronic balanceCrane scale PCE -CS 10000N Max. capacity 10 t / remote controlled operation / display with 30 mm character height hold-, tare- and accumulation function / integrated 7 Ah battery / battery life ≥ 50 h

The crane scale PCE-CS 10000N can weigh up to 10 tons. To do so, the crane scale comes with a solid shackle on top and a rotatable safety hook on the bottom side. The 5-digit LED display has a character height of 30 mm, so that it is easily readable, even from a distance. The crane scale PCE-CS 10000N can be operated from a distance up to 15m as well by using the infrared remote control. The internal battery of the crane scale allows up to 50 hours of operation. The battery status can be requested at any time.

Technical Gloss Meter PCE-IGM 100

Gloss meter for mobile use / different measuring geometries / 3.5 " TFT-Display / fast measurement time / internal data memory / including evaluation software

A gloss meter is a tester for determining surface gloss. Thereby, with the glossmeter, spectral reflections of a light beam that hits the surface, are measured. The touch screen allows for easy navigation. The gloss meter is applied especially in areas where it is important that the surfaces have the same structure, and thus have the same surface characteristics. This often happens in quality control. Thus, the gloss meter is a measuring instrument whichcan be used in many different companies.

Technical Data Logger PCE-T 1200

Data Logger with display featuring background lights / with SD memory card to evaluate data on Excel / autom. temperature compensation / 6 different sensor types / recording of measurement data controlled by timer

The 12-channel data logger PCE-T 1200 features a 2 GB memory SD card (SD cards can have a maximum of 16 GB data space). The data saved on the SD memory card can be read via Excel on a computer. The interval for the data logging is eligible starting from 1 second per channel up to a maximum of 3600 seconds. The 4.5" display featuring green background lights can indicate the values of a maximum of eight channels simultaneously (CH 1 ... CH 8).

Technical Data Logger PCE-PHD 1

PCE-PHD 1 Data Logger Includes a pH electrode and a conductivity electrode

The PCE-PHD 1 Data Logger is a portable, easy-to-use measuring device with multiple capabilities for inspecting water quality. Offering extraordinary precision at an affordable price, the PCE-PHD 1 Data Logger is used for laboratory and in situ testing of the pH value, redox, conductivity, salt content, oxygen level and temperature of water. Three-point calibration and automatic temperature compensation guarantee a high level of accuracy even with variable temperature measurements.

Technical Color Meter PCE-CSM 2

Color Meter for quality control / digital software included / Li-ion battery / black-and-white contrast calibratable / measuring modes for various parameters / colour analysis of black, white, red, green, yellow and blue

The Colorimeter proves to be a multitasking device. It is designed to measure the colour spectrum of various objects. Light consists of a broad spectrum of colours which are not always purely white, black or blue. A light-source illuminates an object, which then absorbs part of that light and reflects another one. That reflected light can be then detected by a sensor in order to determine the reflected wavelengths and thus calculate its colour. Colorimeters are often applied in areas of quality control in industrial sectors.

Technical Borescope PCE-VE 700

Low operating costs due to a modular construction with the possibility to exchange the probes (Ø 0.7 ... 4.0 mm) / small and compact design for easy integration into the production process / easy to use even with critical components and the smallest access openings.

The LED Industrial Borescope PCE-VE 700 is a modern visualization system with LED lighting that provides a wide variety of applications. So, among the other things, the borescope allows the testing of precision components made of steel, aluminum or plastics in industrial production processes or in research and development.