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Key Products : Gloss Meters, Affordable color meters, moisture measurement solutions

PCE Instruments (PCE) is a leading developer, manufacturer and supplier of high-quality test, control, lab and weighing equipment, offering more than 500 different measuring instruments for applications in engineering, manufacturing, food and hygiene, aerospace and environmental industries. Founded by German engineers nearly two decades ago, PCE boasts a large product portfolio that covers a wide range of scientific instrumentation needs, from environmental testers and moisture analyzers to lab and industrial scales and balances, video inspection cameras and sensor equipment. In addition, PCE’s development department can provide specialized measurement products and solutions on demand.

Gloss Meters

Each gloss meter offered by PCE Instruments (PCE) is compact, user friendly and designed to take gloss measurements on the spot. This makes PCE’s gloss testers especially handy for checking paper and packaging gloss levels on the production floor.

Color Meters

PCE Instruments’ accurate, affordable color meters are used in paper and printing quality control applications around the world. PCE Instruments’ portable, handheld color meters allow for quick and easy measurement of whiteness, yellowness and color, so you can ensure acceptable tolerances are met time and again.

Moisture Analyzers

PCE Instruments (PCE) is a leading supplier of professional moisture measurement solutions for the pulp and paper industry. From wood, wood chips and sawdust to pulp, paper and sludge, PCE’s moisture analyzers detect absolute moisture with remarkable precision in an array of bulk materials.

pH Meters

Test pH quickly, easily and accurately with a digital pH meter from PCE Instruments (PCE). Choose from PCE’s wide selection of compact, pocket-size, portable, handheld or tabletop pH meters and testers. PCE also offers optional accessories such as certified calibration certificates, replacement electrodes, oxygen probes and electrode storage solutions.

Data Loggers

PCE Instruments’ data loggers are used to measure and record temperature and humidity levels in wet or hot areas of paper mills. In addition, PCE Instruments’ data loggers aid in evaluating energy consumption during various processes on the production floor.

Industrial Stroboscopes

PCE Instruments’ stroboscopes are used to measure revolutions, velocities and frequencies of rotating components or moving parts. Ideal for general maintenance as well as for planned preventative inspections, PCE Instruments’ competitively priced stroboscopes can help save time and money by eliminating the need to dismantle industrial equipment to identify potential problems.


By using PCE Instruments’ borescopes for machine condition monitoring, pulp and paper producers can identify changes indicative of a machine fault and take corrective action prior to critical machine failure. PCE Instruments carries a variety of equipment for machine condition monitoring and nondestructive testing (NDT) and evaluation (NDE), including affordable, high-resolution borescopes for the visual inspection of gears, bearings and other machine components.

Industrial Scales

From pallet truck scales to hanging scales and beyond, PCE Instruments provides a wide range of accurate, affordable scales designed to withstand the toughest industrial conditions.

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