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Key Products : Abrasion Testing Machine AT II, Beating And Freeness Tester, Bursting Strength Tester, Paper Thickness Gauge, Absorbency Testing Device

KARL SCHRODER KG is one of the prominent companies in manufacturing and distribution of measurement and Test Instrumentation for the Paper, Textile and Leather/Synthetic material manufacturing industries. We have been in the business for more than 60 years.

We deliver the highest quality equipments to manufacturers, processing businesses, research institutes and universities across the globe. Our company provides the fully customized design and construction of specialized testing equipment based on the requirements of our clients.

We will provide products to:

  • Textile and nonwovens paper
  • Board and pulp leather
  • Rubber and plastics
  • Microscopes
  • Specimen preparation
  • Forensic science
  • Document forensic
  • Supplies

Abrasion Testing Machine AT II

The abrasion behaviour between printing ink, forme and doctor blade material can be examined through the Abrasion testing machine AT II. It can be done under laboratory conditions to derive from it reproducible results.

Together with the ink reservoir and the driving member, the testing apparatus forms a complete unit. The removable doctor blade head with the multiple doctor blade system represents his principle item.

By four doctor blades, arranged in a circle, and a pretended doctor blade angle of 60°, the test time will be fourfold reduced. These present facts are noticeable, for so we get within a range of five hours a result corresponding to a printing number of two millions of cylinder revolutions.

Beating and Freeness Tester

Beating and Freeness Tester can be used to determine the freeness value and to measure the drainage of pulp suspensions according to the Schopper-Riegler-Method in conformity with ISO ISO 526/71, Zellcheming V/79 and SCAN C 19.

This test can be made based on the capability of drainage that depends on fibre length, fibrillation and swelling. A high speed of drainage corresponds to a low degree of freeness (SR number) and vice versa. We are one of the best Beating and Freeness Tester manufacturer companies across the globe.

Bursting Strength Tester

Our company is popularly known as the prominent Bursting Strength Tester manufacturers across the globe. We provide Bursting Strength Tester MTP3 which can be used to determine the bursting strength of paper according to ISO 2758, ASTM D 774, TAPPI T 403.


  • Operation via touch screen
  • Graphical report of the gradient
  • Up to 5 gradients saveable and shown at the same time (Material, surface pressure)
  • Saving of the complete testing scenario including the basic conditions
  • Release of the measuring values on a printer
  • Release of the measuring values in CSV-format
  • Integrated interface USB, Ethernet
  • Remote maintenance via Ethernet-connection

Paper Thickness Gauge

Our Paper Thickness gauge RAINBOW is used for the purpose of determining the thickness of paper, paper board and so on according to DIN EN ISO 534 (former DIN-EN 20534), TAPPI T 411 om-88 and SCAN P 7:75.


  • Unique regarding accuracy
  • Reliability
  • Stability and
  • Simple handling

Absorbency Testing Device

Absorbency Testing Device is used for determining absorption of liquid mediums, such as water, aqueous solutions, oils, varnishes and others at paper, card-board and corrugated board from the top and bottom sides within a predetermined time.

For water, this is affected according to DIN EN 20535, ISO 535, CPPAF 2, APPITA/AS 1301.411, F.E.F.C.O No. 7, SCAN P12, SCAN P37 and TAPPI T 441.

Pulp and Paper Testing Equipment consists of a base plate, on which a pillow block with an electronic stop-watch is located. The cylinder support and oscillating crank handle, which are rigidly mounted to each other, are arranged in a rotatable manner in the pillow block. The liquid recipient is located loosely in the cylinder support, so that it can easily be replaced. The lid is mounted to the cylinder support by hinges and is resiliently arrested on the liquid recipient by means of a locking device.

The initial tension of the spring is adjustable to enable testing of paper and cardboard with different thicknesses.

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