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FMP Technology’s founded as a corporate spin-off of the Friedrich-Alexander University of Erlangen-Nuremberg's Institute of Fluid Mechanics, FMP Technology is an industry leader within the field of fluid mechanics. The company’s focus remains on developing its knowledge of certain technologies into commercially viable products.


FMP Technology's main product areas is coating systems and drying technologies,(Bead, Curtain, Extrusion, Web-Tension coating and Diffusion Dryer) which is aimed at making the customer process more efficient, economic and reproducible. To produce the best product possible, FMP Technology develops its solutions across the entire process chain, from the initial design through research and development to the final manufacturing stages.


FMP Technology provides small, medium and large companies with system solutions based on their knowledge of fluid mechanics.


These products from FMP Technology are designed with the knowledge that customers are looking for defect-free technology, capable of providing a reliable and easy-to-handle solution. FMP Technology's effective calculation methods have led to a product range that has introduced many new tools and devices to the market, as well as improved existing technologies.


FMP Technology's slot die coating solution provides a pre-metered, contact-free process suited for applications that require one or more fluid layers. It is an extremely economical and easy-to-control process, compatible with the company’s 'Coating Window Suite' software, which calculates layer thickness.

Curtain coating application

The Curtain Coating Process is very advantageous, as it permits the application of thin layers at high substrate velocities. Depending on the fluid rheology, coatings at up to 2500 m/min are currently possible. Multiple layers are easy to apply, even at high substrate velocities.

Quality control and final test

Coatings in the Bead Coating Mode are often used in in- dustry to apply film thicknesses in the range 5–300 µm, where speeds from 0 to 300 m/s are common. If there are fluids with high viscosities, the coating of thin films at high substrate velocities causes specific problems. By using low-pressure chambers in the back part of slot dies, in- stabilities can be controlled by changing the pressure level (Po-Pu) between the front and the back of the die lips. 

Sheet-to-sheet coating

FMP Technology is able to provide custom-made devices for specific applications and requirements. These are delivered to the customers ready to use, meeting the EC Machinery Directive and Machine Directive 2006/42/EG.


Coating device systems for R&D and production issues include:


  • Sheet-to-Sheet devices
  • Roll-to-Roll devices
  • Trolleys

Laboratory coating machines

Conventional extrusion dies “supply” lateral distribution qualities of different precisions depending on the viscosity and the surface tension of the film cast material. Variations of more than 20% are not uncommon. The state of the art regarding the dependence of the lateral distribution on the mass flow and the viscosity, is generally known. However, this is undesired in many applications, because in production lines mass flow and viscosity changes have to be made several times each day. This is linked to unavoidable variations in the lateral distribution precision if the same extrusion die is used. The use of multiple extrusion dies would be necessary to ensure the desired lateral distribution precision for changing viscosities and mass flows. However, this cannot be realised due to the high associated investment costs.


Due to the current set of problems described above, FMP TECHNOLOGY GMBH created new innovative extrusion dies for film casting that did not lead to changes in the lateral distribution precision of the applied layer thicknesses.


The software-based system meets the need for a flexible and universal application coating technology which is able to handle water/solvent-based fluids, hotmelt adhesives as well as plastic used for foil extrusion. This is a first for the industry. Along with slot die coating, FMP Technology also provides solutions for spray coating, roller coating and knife-edge coating.

Nanocoatings for Devices

FMP Technology's diffusion dryers provide an energy-efficient, economical alternative to conventional convection dryers, which are currently in use. Convection dryers have been shown to use only 20% of their energy for drying, wasting 80%. FMP Technology's diffusion dryers, on the other hand, use 80% of the energy in the drying process - making them 4x more efficient.


The diffusion dryer can be used for fluids on paper, plastic (films), textiles and metals. As it heats mainly by conduction rather than convection, it is able to guarantee uniform heating of the fluid film and even vaporization of the fluid. The diffusion dryers can be supplied as modular coating and drying trolleys, named 'boosters', which are easily integrable into existing machines. This helps to improve process efficiency and performance in comparison to conventional convection dryers.

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