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Premier Pumps is established during the year 1989 and is engaged in the manufacturing of Water ring Vacuum Pumps of Nash design up to a maximum capacity of 17,000 M3/hr.  The Vacuum Pumps manufactured by them are functionally and dimensionally equivalent to Nash CL, 904 and SC series.


Premier Pumps is one of the leading manufacturers of Water ring Vacuum Pumps, Tri-disc Refiners and Stock Pumps catering to various process industries, especially Paper Mills in India and Overseas.


The Vacuum Pumps are manufactured in different materials of construction as per customer’s requirement.  These pumps are thoroughly tested before dispatch on our test beds for their efficiency.

Vacuum Pumps 501 Series

Premier’sliquid Ring Vacuum Pumps and compressors are rotary machines in which liquid is made to act as piston. The Vacuum Pumps find their application in industries like Paper, Sugar, Chemical & Pharmaceutical, Mineral Beneficiation/Washeries, Textile, Steel Plants,

Thermal Power plants, Fertilizer plants. The advantages of these vacuum Pumps are:

  • Premier PV series vacuum pumps will have two inlet and four outlet flanges. For normal operation two discharge flanges of any one side are connected in parallel by outlet manifold and other side flanges are blanked.
  • Due to the twin inlets available the pump can be operated as two independent vacuum pumps of half the capacity at different vacuum levels.
  • Enhanced capacity can be achieved when handling saturated gas by using inlet spray nozzles provided near the suction flanges of the pumps.
  • Large ports ensure liquid/particulate matter carried over from the process can be handled without disruption.
  • The rotor design improves efficiency; maximizes capacity/speed range and reduces noise levels.

PREMIER also offers complete Vacuum system solutions to the Pulp and Paper Industry.

Product Line


A Vacuum Pumps Model PV-10 to PV-270 (equivalent to Nash CL-400 to CL-9000) Capacity : 500 – 17,000 M3/hr)
B Vacuum Pumps Model P501 L to P501 R (equivalent to Nash 904 L, M, P & R) Capacity : 5000 – 16,000 M3/hr)
C Vacuum Pumps Model PS-2 to PS6   (equivalent to Nash SC2 to SC6) Capacity 220 – 1400 M3/hr)


Disc Refiners


Disc Refiners are the most highly developed equipment in Refining. Premier Tri-Disc Refiners can be used to refine:

Bagasses, Soft wood pulp, Hardwood pulp, Wheat straw pulp, Rice straw pulp, Waste paper pulp (Local and imported)

These are made up to a capacity of 150 TPD in 5 sizes, TDR-13, 17, 21, 24 and 30”

Stock Pumps

The stock pumps manufactured by Premier Pumps are known across the world for its superior design and efficiency.  Stock Pumps are suitable for pumping clear liquids in applications of water supply, auxiliary process in paper, sugar, textile, chemical and petrochemical industries.


They are made up to a capacity of 450 M3/hr.

Water Extraction Pumps

Premier Water Extraction System plays a vital role by avoiding process water entering into the vacuum pump.

The system consists of a receiver fitted with a water separator pump which can operate against vacuum up to 600 mm Hg. Water ring vacuum pumps when connected to system through water extraction system has the following advantages:

  • Keeps the vacuum level steady without fluctuation.
  • As the vacuum pump runs only with seal water power rating is maintained low and steady.
  • Since the processed water does not enter inside the pump, corrosion of pump parts is reduced and the vacuum pump life is increased.

The extraction pumps are made in two sizes driven by 3 HP and 5 HP and can handle water up to 60 M3/hr.



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