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Key Products : Mechanical Single and Double Seals for Pumps

Huhnseal have designed and manufactured mechanical seals for pumping operations since 1983. To cater to the needs of the pulp and paper industry, Huhnseal manufacture a wide range of seals specially adapted for high-temperature, high-pressure operation. They also produce sanitary seals, removing the risks of contamination in the media.


AN seal

Type AN follows DIN 24960 to fit into existing stuffing box spaces. The seal is very compact and is completely enclosed, preventing particles from damaging or blocking its motion. The seal is of sanitary design, without gaps for the product to get stuck in.

Type AO is designed for assemblage at the atmosphere side of the seal cover. Thus it will work as single pump seal for the media as well as secondary seal for the flush media through the seal cover.

Double cartridge seal

Huhnseal BA is a unique double cartridge seal. With the springs located on the atmospheric side, outside the seal, they are protected against particles that can clog-up the spring movement. For product temperatures below 80ºC and speeds less than 1,450rpm, it is possible to flush the seal dead-ended, which means there is no consumption of sealing water.


Type BF is a single cartridge seal in the same basic configuration as the BA type seal. The springs are here also located on the atmospheric side, and as such are protected against the pumped product.


Huhnseal BD is a completely new design with a very narrow radial configuration, which means that the seal is easy to fit into a stuffing box without any changes to the box. The first prototype was a retrofitted into a KSB pump for glue, which achieved very good results.

Specialist seals

Huhnseal have also produced a range of specialist seals for specific pumps:


  • BA-ISP - based on type BA to fit ABS Scanpump pumps
  • BA-AP - based on type BA to fit Sulzer Ahlstar pumps
  • BAX - based on type BA to fit Alfa Laval Contherm
  • BAU - based on type BA to fit Tetra Pak Alsafe
  • BFX - based on type BF to fit e.g. FRAMO pumps

Single mechanical seal

The BX is a new design of cartridge single mechanical seal. Instead of the normal pushing spring giving the spring load to the seal ring, we use a unique sleeve / spring which transfers the torque and gives the needed spring load by pulling the seal ring.


The seal can be supplied with diamond-coated seal-faces, which gives much harder faces and lower friction, compared to SiC. In several cases this BX seal can replace flushed dual-seals e.g. within pulp, slurry and coatings. The design is very smooth which prevents particles from sticking and also makes it easy to clean.

MA seal

The MA-seal is used within the cellulose, chemical and petroleum industries. The secondary seal in PTFE makes the seal usable in high temperatures and for aggressive medias. At Obbola Linerboard, Umeå, an average life of more than five years has been noted for about 300 seals.


ME is a hydraulically balanced variant of type MA. This enables the seal to work in high-pressure applications. The shaft must have a step or sleeve so that the secondary seal will be located on a larger diameter than the inner diameter of the sealing ring. The type MD seal is the same as MA, but built in length according to DIN 24960.

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