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Goulds Pumps is the premier global manufacturer of pumps, controls, mixers and medium consistency systems for pulp and paper applications. Established in 1848, More than one million process pumps are installed worldwide. Goulds is a technological leader in the development of pumps, systems and controls for paper process pumping, medium consistency systems and digester applications. Goulds range of pumps includes Goulds Model 3175 and Model 3180 paper stock pumps, and PumpSmart® Control Solutions product line.

PumpSmart Control Solutions

PumpSmart® Control Solutions work with any standard centrifugal pump and utilize a smart VFD and proprietary control software to substantially lower energy consumption. Typically PumpSmart will lower energy costs by over 40%. PumpSmart protects the pump from failure due to closed valves, cavitations, dry running, and low flow by preventing the pump from operating under these conditions. This exclusive fault intervention further reduces life-cycle costs. Pumpsmart Control Solutions also offer motor mounted, variable speed drive (PS100) and increased capability to 700HP, DCS bus communications, and pump monitoring with the PS200 model.

Goulds Pumps PRO Services®

The readers of Plant Engineering magazine rate Goulds PRO Services® the number one OEM service organization. PRO Service centers are strategically located worldwide providing field service, engineered upgrades and inventory management services. We repair and upgrade all types of rotating equipment, regardless of manufacturer, including pumps, blowers and babbitt bearings. Emergency service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Hydralic Paper Stock

New PROsmart™ predictive condition monitoring prevents equipment failure before it happens. PROsmart™ from ITT encompasses state-of-the-art, multi-patented technology in its predictive monitoring system. It provides a cost-effective solution to maintaining uptime on all types of rotating equipment. PROsmart continuously monitors, analyzes (to pre-stated parameters) and annunciates an alarm when critical criteria are not met.


PROsmart is powered by locally available power (or a self-powered option is available), which works 24/7 with alarm and alert capabilities. Individual algorithms have been created based on testing. These are used as the basis for evaluation and are stored on the PROsmart central server. PROsmart continually monitors for changes in bearing vibration, temperature, speed, cavitation, etc.


The monitored information is fed via wireless transmitter through a protected Wide Area Network to PROsmart's central computing server where the data is analyzed and compared to the diagnostic rules based program for that particular piece of equipment.


Failures can be predicted based on the analyzed information. Alarms are sounded at the equipment site and alerts are sent to remote operators and management via computer and/or cellular phone.


PROsmart also issues easily understood reports on the equipment that can be compared on a period to period (hourly, daily, weekly, etc.) basis.


PROsmart has won Processing magazine's Breakthrough Product of the Year Award and was a finalist in Plant Engineering magazine's Product of the Year competition.

Double suction pumps

Original equipment parts are available for all pumps manufactured, or previously manufactured by Goulds or A-C Pump. These components are precision cast and machined to original factory specifications in our ISO certified manufacturing centers worldwide. 95% of all genuine Goulds and A-C parts are shipped within 24 hours. We maintain over $60 million in Real Parts inventory.


Goulds Model 3175 Paper Stock Pump


Goulds Pumps has built its reputation on the heavy-duty paper stock pumps that have proven to be the workhorses of the industry. The Goulds Model 3175 is stocked in Cast Iron and 316 Stainless Steel. It is also available in any machinable alloy including:


  • 317SS
  • 317LSS
  • 316LSS
  • Alloy 20
  • CD4Mcu
  • 904L
  • 254 S MO® Titanium
  • Hastelloy B&C


The 3175 series can handle services with capacities to 28,000GPM (6360m³/h), heads to 350ft (107m), temperatures to 450°F (232°C) and pressures to 285PSIG (1965kPa). The 3175 features:


  • Back pull-out
  • Fully open impeller
  • External impeller adjustment
  • Renewable wear parts
  • Maximum sealing flexibility
  • Heavy duty construction
  • Maximum parts interchangeability


The 3175 series handles pulp and paper stock through 6% consistency, black liquor, hydropulper and broke service, low NPSH digester circulation, blow tank to screens, primary screens rejects, high density chlorine tower to washer and flotation cell circulation.

Chemical Process Pump Control Solutions

All customer requirements were considered in the design of the 3180 paper stock/process pump. The result is a true world-class pumps line. Creating a product without compromise. Consider the advantages:


  • Excellent hydraulic coverage
  • High efficiency
  • Extreme ease of maintenance
  • Optimum mechanical reliability
  • International design


The 3180 operational range offers capacities to 26,000GPM (6000m³/h), heads to 410ft (125m), temperatures to 446°F (230°C) and, pressures to 16bar (232PSIG).The International Design of 3185 pumps complies with ISO 5199 with eight sizes conforming to ISO 2858 dimensions. Metric fasteners and fittings are used throughout.


The 3180 is designed for full 50Hz/60Hz coverage. Features include External Impeller Adjustment, which allows high performance maintained by simple axial adjustment, resulting in lower operating costs and reduced downtime. You also get Sealing Flexibility: Choice of packing, mechanical seals or dynamic seal. Application Flexibility: Choice of open or enclosed impeller. Back pull-out Construction: Spacer-type coupling allows one craft maintenance. Renewable Wear Parts lower maintenance costs. Labyrinth Seals eliminate lubricant contamination for maximum bearing life. Maximum Parts Interchangeability throughout the entire line (uses just four power ends).

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