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Key Products : Fibre based solutions for tomorrow`s products

Paper Technology Foundation (PTS)

PTS was founded in 1951 and provides support to companies from all sectors in the development and application of modern fibre-based solutions based on research & development, consultancy, measurement engineering and training. A staff of 130 at two locations in Munich and Heidenau / Dresden generates an annual turnover of around EUR 14mn.PTS focuses in four areas:

  • Fibres& Composites: We develop speciality papers and fibre composites, semi-finished paper products and bio-composites for new markets.
  • Packaging & Conformity: We develop coated barriers, packaging with new functions and contact-free paper and board converting processes.
  • Print & Functional Surfaces: We are your partner in the area of functionalizing web-type materials, optimizing printability and runnabilty as well as evaluating surfaces.
  • Industry 4.0: We develop strategies and recommend measures for implementing Industry 4.0 at your company and offer solutions for quality assurance and measuring systems.
  • Material Testing & Analytics: We analyze and evaluate paper, board, cartonboard, corrugated board, nonwovens, composites, packaging, paper converting and print products, dispersions, emulsions, pigments, water, wastewater and residues.

In Munich we are operating one of Europe’s fastest and most advanced pilot coaters, the VESTRA system. Our institute in Heidenau offers optimally equipped analytical laboratories and modern pilot plant facilities for Pulp and paper. Our training programme offers the latest technological knowledge about paper production, converting and new applications of paper.

PTS Coating Symposium, 5-6 September 2017, Munich –


Pilot Plants for Pulp & Paper

Innovative pulp upgrading, fibre engineering and paper development


Test stands for mechanical pulp treatment, cleaning, screening, thickening, washing, surface treatment and impregnation provide various possibilities for the practical and innovative development of products and processes. On a pilot paper machine with top wire, inclined wire mode (one or two layers, optional top wire), sheet forming trials are carried out for single-and double-layered fibre mats.



  • Development of innovative fibre composites.
  • Practically relevant quality evaluation of pulps.
  • Development and testing of new technologies for pulp upgrading.
  • Material- and quality optimisation (fibres/fillers/process chemicals).
  • Development of new paper qualities and sample production for application studies.


Vestra Pilot Coater

Pilot Coater VESTRA: Innovative solutions for paper coating


The pilot coater VESTRA runs a complete test line ranging from a kitchen where coating colours are prepared according to customer specifications up to five different applicators including a state-of-the-art curtain coater and a 12-roll super calender. The measured data of coating colour, coater and calender is recorded together with quality parameters measured online. Key paper parameters are measured in a separate line. Upon request, additional tests can be conducted in PTS laboratories.



Development of functional coatings and special formulations, e.g. for inkjet papers.



  • Coating colour development and optimisation.
  • Optimisation of product properties, e.g. paperboard coverage.
  • Runnability improvement.
  • Avoiding production and quality problems like stalagmite formation, misting or mottling effects.
  • Investment monitoring for plant retrofits and new installations.


PfR monitoring

PfR monitoring: A unique system for determining PfR quality


In addition to BALEMAT, which makes it possible to evaluate PfR bales, PfR Monitoring system from PTS makes it now possible to evaluate unbaled PFR at delivery or on the feed belt on their way to the pulper and also identify the following additional PfR quality parameters as well:



  • Ash content,
  • Share of plastic,
  • Moisture content,
  • Percentage of paper with a coating of UV varnish,
  • Share of deinkable paper,
  • Ratio of newspapers/magazines,
  • Share of packaging paper andflexo printed newspapers.


Image Analysis System DOMAS

DOMAS multi spec - New generation of PTS image analysis system


More than 200 applications in many different sectors of the paper manufacturing and converting industries worldwide have made DOMAS image analysis system a market leader. The new version now offers the possibility for recording, processing and analysing multispectral data, recorded using a scanner or camera, to supplement optical images. Utilising additional segments of the electromagnetic spectrum combined with novel image recording devices makes analyses of material samples possible from previously unknown perspectives. The fusion of image analysis data with chemical information creates entirely new possibilities for evaluation in the system. Orientating the system towards fibre-based materials also provide additional applications in related industries (textile, wood). In future, the system will concentrate in particular on multi layers and composite materials.


Pre-certification of paper

Pre-certification of paper for high-speed inkjet printing (HSI)


A new test bench developed by PTS is designed to evaluate the print quality of HSI printing under conditions as near to those met in practice as possible. Within the framework of a pre-certification of paper for HSI printing the following printing-related evaluations will be conducted:



  • Print density and analysis of chromaticity co-ordinates,
  • Droplet spreading,
  • Missing or light dots,
  • Printing irregularities (mottling, coalescence),
  • Streakiness, and
  • Bleeding and wicking



Pre-certification of paper for HSI printing using the PTS method offers cost-effective and fast development of printing media for high-speed inkjet applications.


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