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Key Products : Transmitters, Pneumatic Repeaters, and Control Valves for Paper Industry 

Valcom established in 1974 designs and manufactures measuring and control instruments for industrial processes and marine installations. Flexibility and persistence are our distinguishing traits together with a high quality production concept. Valcom products like Consistency transmitters , Pneumatic repeaters, On-line gloss meters, Dilution cross profile control valves , Refiner control panels and level, Pressure & Differential Pressure transmitters demonstrate customers to be right and competitive solutions.

Consistency Transmitters

Consistency transmitters measure the shear force caused by the interaction between blade sensor and fibres/fillers. A consistency transmitter contained into the pulp (consistency transmitters using a static or moving blade are all based on shear force working principle). Consistency transmitters linearly convert the shear force into a SMART 4÷20mA with HART ® protocol. Consistency transmitter works according to the type of pulp flowing into the pipe (waste paper [many different types], short or long fibre cellulose etc; and consistency transmitter also depends on filler type and content, etc.  The output signal depends on consistency transmitter proportional to shear force, will change and the results will set the measuring span.

Pneumatic Repeaters

Pneumatic repeater series transducers work on force balance principle. Pneumatic repeaters are engineered to measure level of liquids in open vessels or pressure in closed systems. The pneumatic repeaters output signal ratio is 1:1 with the measured variable. The feature of Pneumatic repeaters is Process compatibility with any liquid head, regardless of consistency and viscosity. These Pneumatic repeaters are Corrosion resistance because of a wide selection of material to meet process requirements. These Pneumatic repeaters are Cost reducing; flush mounting avoids any possibility of plugging.

On-line Gloss Meters

On-line gloss meter is an essential operation in the paper milling industry. On-line gloss meter is the checking and recording of the finished sheet gloss level. Industrial on-line gloss meter monitoring system T7G allows measuring the gloss level of a continuously moving sheet of paper whilst being processed on a super calendaring machine. The actual trend is toward self-controlling manufacturing processes, so this on-line gloss meter robust unit can be fixed directly on the machine and giving appropriate signals to a recorder or a PC. On-line gloss meter is now possible to monitor in real-time gloss level shifts from the nominal value.

Dilution Cross Profile Control Valves

VBA dilution cross profile control valves are mounted on the head boxes feeding circuit in order to control the cross profile by adjusting the dilution water flow.  Dilution cross profile control valves mechanical construction shows a split body with self-cleaning seat and plug. VBA dilution cross profile control valves are machined from St.St. AISI316 bar and the parts subject to wear due to erosion or abrasion are made with special materials. Dilution cross profile control valves series systems for cross control of the basis weight profile on head box allows obtaining improvement of the basis weight profile. Dilution cross profile control valves improvement of fibre orientation.

Refiner Control Panels

The refiner control panel, RCP series, allows the monitoring of the pressure of stock before (INLET) and after (OUTLET) the refining process in paper industry. The visualization of refiner control panel is made locally by 2 analog manometers in the front panel and a retransmission of the values is available through 2 converters with standard 4-20mA output signal.


Air supply in refiner control panel is controlled through a filter regulator and sent to 2 on process pneumatic repeaters as well as to an on-off air presence indicator mounted on the front panel. The air is fed to the refiner control panel to be measured by the manometers and by the converters for remote transmission on a 2 wires 4÷20mA system.

Level, Pressure & Differential Pressure Transmitters

Level, Pressure & Differential Pressure transmitter Series include Pressure & Differential Pressure electronic transmitters with piezo, piezoceramic or capacitive element featured by all AISI316L St.St. execution and 340° rotating head.


Level, Pressure & Differential Pressure transmitter electronics is available with 4-20mA SMART and HART® protocol output, complete with digital display and push buttons for local configuration (or remote configuration through HART® communicators).



Level, Pressure & Differential Pressure transmitters  are used in many applications to measure pressure or differential pressures of liquids, gas and vapours, to measure relative or differential level of liquids and flow and can be supplied complete with seals and capillaries.



In the submersible version of Level, Pressure & Differential Pressure transmitter, they are used for the measure of the level in wells, chests and tanks.


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